Tips & Tricks: Paying with PayPal

Shoppers are looking for trusted ways to pay. From secure payments using digital wallets, to finding deals and earning rewards, PayPal can help make shopping easy, safe, and convenient.

Whether you check out with PayPal regularly — like Andre, the PayPal super shopper featured in this Tips and Tricks — or are new to online shopping, below are some pointers for paying with PayPal.

Tip 1: Add a payment method to make checking out quick and easy

Digging in a wallet to find the right credit card and typing in the card number during checkout process can be time-consuming. With PayPal, it’s possible to skip the hassle. All it takes is signing up for an account and adding a payment method such as a bank account, debit card, or credit card. Then when you shop, there’ll be no need to find and input that information every time. Plus, it’s easy to track transactions to monitor spending all in one place.

Tip 2: Protect your money

Sometimes things can go wrong. Ever make a purchase and never receive it or receive something that doesn’t significantly match what was advertised? PayPal Purchase Protection1,2 allows buyers to report a problem with their eligible purchase. PayPal will then evaluate the claim and potentially send a refund.

Knowing eligible purchases may be covered if something goes wrong can help shoppers feel confident when buying something. Being confident payment methods are secure may be important too. PayPal security is a priority by employing encryption and anti-fraud technology to protect financial information and to help give customers peace of mind when inputting and saving payment and banking details.

Tip 3: Save money by shopping wisely

Finding ways to stretch every dollar, avoid impulse purchases, or spot a deal can help save money.

According to Andre, using the ‘tattoo method’ can be a way to slow down or prevent impulse buys. The method is simple: if thinking about purchasing something — especially a larger purchase that may take up a bigger portion of a budget — wait 30 days before buying it. If it’s still top of mind after 30 days, consider it less of an impulse.

This is one technique to help shoppers evaluate if a purchase is worth it, if it’s needed, and could help them effectively manage their budget.

The PayPal Honey shopping extension is one way shoppers can find deals. It will search automatically for online coupons and apply the best one it finds when someone checks out at a retailer online.

Learn about paying with PayPal here.

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