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Expand your reach and scale up with our enterprise payment processing solutions. Powered by Braintree technology.

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ROI for the composite merchant1, estimated by Forrester with PayPal enterprise payment solutions2


of our enterprise users indicate that we had a positive impact on authorization rates since adoption3

4 bps

In the US, Braintree can help reduce chargeback rate by 4 bps4

Global payment processing

Process a variety of payment methods from customers around the world, so you don’t miss a sale.

Accept credit and debit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, and 20+ local payment methods. All in a single integration.

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Enable multiple commerce scenarios

Web. Mobile. App. In store. Get paid in the channels where you sell today and tomorrow.

Reach millions of consumers

Connect with our expansive network of shoppers around the world who love to use PayPal, Venmo, and Pay Later.

Vault customer payment info

Integrate with our Vault to help drive conversion, simplify repeat purchases, and ensure secure data storage.

Optimize checkout experience

Control the look and feel of your checkout page with drop-in UI, hosted fields, and customizable smart payment buttons.

Boost approval rates

Use our enterprise payment solutions to optimize your backend payments setup. Integrate clean, granular messaging and relevant payment rails to help increase approval chances and capture more hard-earned revenue.

Keep data fresh

Use Account Updater to securely make batch and real-time updates for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Adopt network tokenization

Boost security and approvals with a partner who has already tokenized hundreds of millions of credit cards.

Retry failed transactions

We strive to optimize approvals right from the start. But if they fail, we can retry the transaction on alternative acquiring networks.

Optimize routing

Route transactions to global acquirers and networks that will yield the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive transaction.

Orchestration made simple

Say goodbye to mismatched tools, reporting systems, and processors. Our enterprise payment solutions feature flexible tools to manage the entire payment process, help boost resilience, and reduce operational complexity.

Orchestrate multiple payments partners

You always maintain full control of your data and configure partner access.

Easily create secure data connections

Use just a few snippets of code to securely share data with partners you choose.

Streamline reconciliation

Enable separate accounts to connect and share information.

Unlock new sales channels

Connect to commercial partners so you can accept payments on their websites.

Manage risk and compliance

We can help you identify and manage potential security, fraud, and compliance risk—so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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Right size your fraud solution

Choose the level of fraud protection you need—from our built-in fraud checks to advanced tools.

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Arm yourself against chargebacks

We can handle fraud analysis, plus cover any eligible chargeback losses and dispute fees.

Keep up with compliance

Work with one of the most connected fintech providers to help respond to changing risk and compliance guidance.

Let us manage disputes

Our dispute automation solution pulls data from your payment records and submits responses to issuers in real time.

Our modular solution can grow with you

Turn on the features you want, connect with the partners in your payments ecosystem, and keep the rest in your back pocket for whatever comes next.

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Accept payments in 200 markets and 130 currencies
Make payouts in 200 markets
Acquiring in 47 markets
Wide range of payment methods
Recurring billing capabilities
Network tokenization
Batch and real-time account updater
Advanced predictive risk solutions
PCI-compliant vault
Chargeback Protection
Dispute automation
IC++ pricing available
White glove onboarding & support
Flexible, scalable integration
24/7 monitoring & optimization
Global support center

Your partner for innovation

See how Pressed partnered with PayPal to help their development team build innovative solutions with limited resources—all powered by Braintree technology.

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The user experience in terms of usability, trust, and flexibility is everything, especially for the digitally native consumer. The experience PayPal helps us provide is beating all consumer expectations.

David Oksman

Chief Marketing Officer


Executive Guide: PayPal enterprise integration

Whether you’re making a switch or upgrading your tools, learn how we make the integration process as flexible and seamless as possible.

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eBook: Signs you’ve outgrown your payment processor

Payments processer stunting your growth? It might be time to look for a new one.

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Report: Forrester economic impact analysis

Forrester concluded that our enterprise solutions deliver credit card and alternative payment processing services fast and at scale, while enabling high authorization rates.

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Learn how payments can be leveraged as a catalyst for growth.

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Explore developer documentation

See how our flexible and interoperable technology helps to simplify integration.

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1 For the purpose of this study, Forrester aggregated data from four enterprise merchants to create a single composite merchant with $500 million in revenue processed yearly. Individual results will vary.

2 Forrester, Commissioned by PayPal, December 2021. Forrester constructed a Total Economic Impact™ framework for those organizations considering an investment in the PayPal’s enterprise payment platform, powered by Braintree.

3 B2B International, commissioned by PayPal, Nov-Dec 2021, B2B International surveyed amongst 504 mid-market and large enterprises in US, UK, and DE during November/December 2021. LE defined as merchants with annual revenue >100M; Mid-market defined as merchants with annual revenue between 20M-100M. Base N: Enterprise Braintree Users = 51)

4 Major global payments network and PayPal internal data analysis from transactions over a 12-month period from Q4 2020-Q3 2021 in 8 markets (US, UK, DE, AU, FR, IT, ES, CA) across 12 verticals. Does not include transactions from domestic schemes (e.g. Cartes Bancaires, EFTPOS).

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