Virtual Terminal

Get paid when sales are made by phone or mail.

Use our virtual terminal to process credit card and debit card payments for offline sales.

No website or POS system needed

Don’t miss a sale

When the order arrives by mail or phone, you can easily accept payment by credit or debit card.

Simple setup

No coding is required, and you don’t need any extra software or equipment—just a web browser.

Real-time reports

Virtual Terminal activity is included in your PayPal reports.

Restaurant take-out. Attorney fees. Medical charges. Trade show sales. Delivery services. Wholesale orders. Conveniently process card payments with just a web browser.

How to use Virtual Terminal

Open Virtual Terminal

Log in to your PayPal Business account from your web browser and open Virtual Terminal from your dashboard or the Business Tools page.

Enter order info

Use the optional Quick Order form to save time. Add the shipment or delivery address and other contact details as needed.

Place the order

When the transaction is processed, you can send an email receipt, and print a pre-populated packing slip and a PayPal Shipping label.

Get paid

Once approved, the money shows up in your account, usually within minutes. The transaction will be included in your Activity and other reports.

Pricing with no surprises

3.09% +$0.49
per USD transaction*
monthly fee

Frequently asked questions

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