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2023 Global Evolution of Commerce Report: US Edition

May 17, 2023

Businesses may think they’re meeting their customers’ needs in difficult times, but the fact is, their priorities are at odds with what consumers want. In fact, businesses’ lowest priorities are actually consumers’ most important needs. Although brands are trying to improve the customer experience, the tactics they’re choosing may in fact be making it harder, not easier, to resonate. Customers’ priorities are changing. Are you keeping up? Download the Evolution of Commerce report to learn more about what businesses and consumers are prioritizing.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff
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How the Venmo Small Business Grant is helping a three-time cancer survivor change lives with Krysalis Kouture

Apr 5, 2023

When Paloma Soledad was battling cancer, she struggled to find clothing that would allow her to feel comfortable during treatment. As a fashion designer, she realized that she was uniquely positioned to help fix this problem. The experience sparked a business idea: Designing quality clothes made to accommodate medical treatment and accompanying symptoms.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff

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