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What is a venture capitalist and how can they help grow your business?

Oct 3, 2023

Venture capital is a form of private equity and financing that is provided to startups and small businesses as a way of investing in their growth potential. A venture capitalist is someone who provides equity to a venture capital fund, and are usually wealthy individual investors, although funds can also come from businesses such as banks or other financial institutions. However, venture capital does not always have to be monetary and can take the form of experience or technical expertise in a specific field.

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Fundraising tips and ideas: Maximize fundraising opportunities with PayPal

Sep 22, 2023

Your work as a nonprofit is incredibly important to the individuals and communities who rely on your organization. It’s understandable your team is busy because they are passionate about striving to achieve your mission. It may be hard to find time to review your approach to fundraising, but it may be even harder to achieve your goals if your organization is missing out on fundraising opportunities.

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